The raw material for our products is yttrium-stabilized zirconium dioxide powder made by one of the largest international manufacturers: TOSOH Concern (Japan). The top-quality nanodisperse powders produced by this Concern are used by virtually all global manufacturers of similar products.

The blanks made by foreign companies using such a sequence of pressing have a premium index and cost a quarter higher. However, for us it is a standard production process. To perform the full production cycle, we have acquired German (85 %) and Swiss (15 %) equipment made to our specifications and having no comparable counterparts in Europe. It implements all the latest technical solutions, and takes into account the experience of such advanced specialized European enterprises as Dental Direkt, Zirkonzahn, Iso Ceram, DeguDent, Metoxit AG.

Our manufacturing facilities

High quality of raw
International certificates
and recognition
High level of
service and products

Production line

  • 1 Preparation of raw materials
  • 2 Axial pressing
  • 3 Quality control
  • 4 Isostatic
  • 5 Presinterization
  • 6 Visual
  • 7 Turning and milling
  • 8 Comprehensive control
  • 9 Marking of workpieces, packaging in an individual pair

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