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For many people in the world a question arises sooner or later as to where and of which material it is better to place a dental implant or prosthetic denture. I encountered this problem back in 2014, when the demand for innovation technologies and dental services was developing actively and clinics offered the latest materials for prosthetics.

The cost of materials and services differed greatly and it was a significant problem to choose a high-quality material at an affordable price, and Russian manufacturers did not offer such products at that time. Only foreign-made prosthetic dentures and implants were available on the market. Just at that time I thought about organizing own production of blanks made of the most advanced dental material. The choice was made in favor of zirconium dioxide, i.e. the material which has unique properties. Zirconium has high resistance to biological media, which is higher than that of titanium, and excellent biocompatibility due to which it is actively used in medicine. Zirconium dioxide-based ceramics is used in dentistry for making prosthetic dentures. Besides that, due to its biological inertness, this material serves as an alternative for titanium when making dental implants.

So, my own choice was made, and in 2018 I launched successfully the production of the first zirconium blank batch, of which the implants for my own use and for many other Russian people were manufactured later.

Welcome to Zircon Ceramics family where each client is treated with attention and the best Russian high-quality products are made for them!

LLC Zircon Ceramics General Director
Igor Germanovich Shubert
LLC Zircon Ceramics General Director
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