Russia’s first plant for the production of zirconium dioxide blanks
Zircon ceramics
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About the Zircon Ceramics Company

We are the only certified facility for the production of zirconium dioxide blanks for dental prosthetic structures in Russia. The quality characteristics of our products are at the premium level and fully meet European and international standards. The raw materials for our products are the highest quality zirconia powders produced by the Japanese TOSOH Concern.

The production cycle uses up-to-date equipment from Germany and Switzerland, manufactured according to our technical specifications and having almost no analogues in Europe. It implements all the latest technical solutions, and takes into account the experience of such advanced specialized European enterprises as Dental Direkt, Zirkonzahn, Iso Ceram, Metoxit AG.

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ZICERAM® Products

ZICERAM® Products
Any dentist who appreciates the quality of his(her) work or any laboratory wishing to keep up a reputation and clients’ satisfaction, will undoubtedly find benefits in the use of ZICERAM®. Our discs are of the highest quality in the market by all parameters and are affordable as compared to competitors.

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Zircon Ceramics took part in the Round Table! фото

6 сентября 2022 года компания Циркон Керамика приняла участие в программе “Дискуссионный клуб журналистов -ДК “Невский 70” – наука и промышленность в рамках проекта Президентского гранта. Проект реализуют Санкт-Петербургское отделение Союза журналистов России совместно с АНО «Санкт-Петербургский центр информационной поддержки» (Дом журналиста) при поддержке Комитета по печати и взаимодействию со средствами массовой информации Правительства города, Санкт-Петербургской торгово-промышленной палаты.
В программе приняли участие более 30 петербургских СМИ. Основная тема мероприятия была “Передовые технологии нового времени. На что делает ставку Россия, что может наша наука и промышленность. Компетенции Петербурга – чем богаты. Импортозамещение – возможностей становится больше.”

Attention! Price increase! фото

Dear partners and clients! We notify you that from September,1 2022 due to the increase of raw material prices, customs duty and logistics cost we  have to increase our prices  and we plan to switch on the Price List in rubles. The new price lists will effect from 09/01/2022. Sincerely, LLC “Zircon Ceramics”

Strategic partners

Strategic partnerships are aimed at supporting the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices, as well as the implementation of joint initiatives that promote cooperation, mutual learning and exchange of experience at the European level.


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LLC Zircon Ceramics
Room 1, 73 Bld. 1, unit 3, Kubinskaya Street, Saint Petersburg, 196240

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