LLC Zircon Ceramics
Room 1, 73 Bld. 1, unit 3, Kubinskaya Street, Saint Petersburg, 196240
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    Our team

    Igor Germanovich Shubert

    General Director

    Tel.: +7 (812) 309-40-80 ext. 101


    Yulia Sokolova

    Director for Development and Marketing

    Tel.: +7 (812) 309-40-80 ext. 102


    Alim Stanislavovich Muratov

    Manufacturing manager

    Tel.: +7 (812) 309-40-80 ext. 105


    Galina Cheremshanova

    Head of the Laboratory

    Tel.: +7 (812) 309-40-80 ext. 104


    Anna Grigorash

    Head of the warehouse

    Tel.: +7 (812) 309-40-80 ext. 103


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    Strategic partnerships are aimed at supporting the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices, as well as the implementation of joint initiatives that promote cooperation, mutual learning and exchange of experience at the European level.

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